ICA Commission on Cartography and Children

"My place in today's world"


155 submissions from 30 countries
  1. AR Argentina
  2. AT Austria
  3. BE Belgium
  4. BG Bulgaria
  5. BR Brazil
  6. CA Canada
  7. CN China
  8. CZ Czech Republic
  9. ES Spain
  10. FI Finland
  11. HR Croatia
  12. HU Hungary
  13. ID Indonesia
  14. IR Iran
  15. JP Japan
  16. LK Sri Lanka
  17. LT Lithuania
  18. NO Norway
  19. NZ New Zealand
  20. PL Poland
  21. RO Romania
  22. RU Russia
  23. SE Sweden
  24. SI Slovenia
  25. SK Slovakia
  26. TR Turkey
  27. UA Ukraine
  28. UK United Kingdom
  29. US United States of America
  30. ZA South Africa

Age groups

In the same age group the submissions are alphabetically ordered on the first name of the authors.

Peter van der Krogt and his brother René photographing in 2013.

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International Co-ordinators: Peter van der Krogt and Ferjan Ormeling
Photographer: René van der Krogt.