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Articles in journals on the history of cartography

Cumulative register of Mercator's World (1996-2003)

7 years and 2 issues of the 8th year published, 1996-2003

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8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 12-15. Schwatka, Frederick, 'Field Notes: Through A Dark Cañon: Rafting the Yukon River'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 16-19. Knowles, Leo, 'She Mapped London with Her Feet [Phyllis Pearsall, London A-Z]'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 20-27. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'The Lure of the Prize: The British persuit of the Spanish treasure galleon'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 28-31. De Vorsey, Louis, 'Mapping the World Below: Athanasius Kircher and His Subterranean World [on-line: http://www.mercatormag.com/article.php3?i=155]'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 32-39. Haft, Adele J., 'A Poet's World on a Wheel: Grevel Lindop's 'Mappa Mundi' [Hereford Mappa Mundi]'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 40-45. Owen, J. Victor, 'Streets Paved with Gold: Fortress of Louisbourg on Early Maps [on-line http://www.mercatormag.com/article.php3?i=157]'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 46-53. Layland, Michael, 'A Country So Favorably Situated: Maury's ambitions for the Amazon'
8,2 (2003 Mar/Apr): pp. 54-56. Monmonier, Mark, 'All Over the Map: Proprietary Perspectives: The quirky creativity of patented map projections'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 10-13. Kelley, James E., Jr., 'Special Delivery: Waldseemüller's Secret, Revisited'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 16-19. Hamilton, George, 'Field Notes: Pandora's Demise: A Dark and stormy night on the Great Barrier Reef'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 20-25. Ravneberg, Ron L., 'The Hawkesworth Connection: [A student of Captain Cook books finds an unknown treasure]'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 26-29. Kovarsky, Joel, 'Browsing the Digital Stacks: Using Search Engines to Find Out-of-Print Books on the Web'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 30-37. Kane, Daniel, 'The Inscrutable Father of Korean Cartography: Kim Chong-ho and his Maps'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 38-41. Haft, Adele J., 'The Terraqueous World of Ludo Slagmolen: [A Dutch artist's exquisite 'navigation-instruments']'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 42-45. Mandell, Mel, 'The Mapmaker Who Swallowed His Maps: [Robert K. Sneden's Civil War cartography] [on-line: http://www.mercatormag.com/article.php3?i=151]'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 46-51. Bederman, Sanford H., 'The British Lieutenant's Woman: [The truth behind Olive Macleod's expedition to Africa]'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'All Over the Map: Preservation Anxiety: How well do microfilm and scanning preserve maps'
8,1 (2003 Jan/Feb): pp. 80. Owen, J. Victor, 'Destinations: The Once and Current Beetle [Moses Harris, Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of Halifax, 1750]'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 12-15. Hedin, Sven, 'Field Notes: Blessed Water: Journey to the source of Tibet's Brahmaputra River'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 16-21. Brooks, Cheri, 'Down the Ooligan Trail: Was it the Real Northwest Passage?'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 22-25. Hooker, Brian, 'Discovered But Not Revealed: Magellan's 'Unfortunate Island''
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 26-33. Hayes, Derek, 'Strait to Cathay: Jacques Cartier and the French claim to North America'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 34-39. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'Soldier, Scientist, Map Maker: William H. Emory and the mapping of the American Southwest'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 40-45. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Crossing the Line: Shifting boundaries on the Pyrenean frontier'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 46-51. Dickson, Peter W., 'A Secret First: [Rethinking Waldseemüller's world map of 1507]'
7,6 (2002 Nov/Dec): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'All Over the Map: Miller Time: Modifying Mercator'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 12-15. Cook, Frederick A., 'Where All Meridians Meet: Cook's fantastic trip to the Pole'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 16-21. Turley, Gary, ''As Long as Ships Shall Sail': Nathaniel Bowditch and the 'Seaman's Bible''
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 22-27. Edinger Jr., J. Raymond, 'Back on His River: [George Back goes looking for a lost friend and finds a river]'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 28-31. Miles, Gayla, 'Not the Retiring Type: [Eben Smith's cartographic love affair continues]'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 32-37. Mandell, Mel, 'Treading All Over: The little [Michelin] Red Guide launched a publishing empire'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 38-45. De Vorsey, Louis, 'Navigating Fisheating Creek: [An 1842 expedition map guides the jury in a Florida land dispute]'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 46-49. Leon, Alan, 'Spaces in the Heart and Mind: Samples from an artist's 'map-books''
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 50-52. Monmonier, Mark, 'Textbook Examples: How good are the maps we use to teach?'
7,5 (2002 Sep/Oct): pp. 54-57. Koger, Grove, 'Extraordinary Voyages: Jules Verne's geographical imagination'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 9-11. Enterline, James R., 'Christopher Who? [The author defends his new book, Erickson, Eskimos & Columbus]'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 14-17. Hubbard, Jr., Mrs. Leonidas, 'A Widow's Way: A journey to the Labrador Divide and the headwaters of the Nascaupee and George Rivers'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 18-23. Parry, Robert B., 'Cartography for the 'New' Cyclist [Bicycling maps make a comeback]'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 24-29. Warren, Bill, 'Map Maker on a Mission: Father Kino and the myth of insular California'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 30-35. Mandell, Mel, 'Northern Delights: Maps of Scandinavia and Norway on display'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 36-41. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'The Triumph of Geometry over Geography: Cadastal surveying in the United States'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 42-47. Clancy, Robert, 'Golden Maps: Gold rush cartography of southeast Australia'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 48-51. Vespucci, Amerigo, 'Letter from the Edge: Vespucci's Tale of a New World'
7,4 (2002 Jul/Aug): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'Targets, Tolerances, and Testing: Taking aim at cartographic accuracy'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 12-16. Clark, Robert Sterling, & Arthur de C. Sowerby, 'Beyond the Yellow River: Mapping the Shensi Province'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 18-23. De Vorsey, Louis, 'A Land of New Beginnings: James Edward Oglethorpe's map of an American Utopia'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 24-27. Turley, Gary, 'New York, New York: Culture maps of the Big Apple'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 28-35. Kovarsky, Joel, 'Maps in a Time of War: The rise of European military cartography'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 38-43. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Visions of Madeira: Myths, legends, and maps of the first colony from the Age of Exploration'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 44-49. Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton, 'Hooker's Journey: Notes of a naturalist in the Himalayas'
7,3 (2002 May/Jun): pp. 50-52. Monmonier, Mark, 'Wright On: Density maps, symbolic landscapes, and the cartographic insight of John Kirtland Wright'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 12-17. Savage-Landor, A. Henry, 'Charting by Canoe: Down a diabolical Brazilian river'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 18-23. Johnson, Douglas W., 'Geography in a Time of War: The role of political boundries'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 24-29. Tyner, Judith, 'Folk Maps, Cartoon Cartography, and Map Kitsch: Coming to terms with cartifacts'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 30-37. Hayes, Derek, 'You Will Readily Conjecture: The explorations and maps of Peter Pond'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 38-43. Layland, Michael, 'Commemorating Amerigo: In search of Amerigo Vespucci'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 44-51. Walker, James V., 'Glimpses of Pioneer Life: The survey plat and the Government Land Office in Oregon'
7,2 (2002 Mar/Apr): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'Faith-Based Cartography: The Peters world view returns'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 12-15. Blunt, Lady Anne, 'The Great Desert: crossing the Nefud'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 16-21. Woram, John, 'Virtual collecting: The virtues of electronic cartography'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 22-27. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'The Navy's right hand: Samuel Pepys and his travels, navigations, and charts'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 28-29. Mitchell, John, 'Guatemala in Relief'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 30-37. Owen, J. Victor, 'No smooth sailing: The once and future northwest passage'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 38-39. Cole, Dave, 'Rocky Mountains high spot'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 40-46. Kanas, Nick, 'Mapping the Solar System: Depictions from antiquarian star atlases'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 48-51. Turley, Gary, 'Charting the northern mists: Fridtjof Nansen's history of far north exploration'
7,1 (2002 Jan/Feb): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'The Earth moved: Datums and detail on topographic maps'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 12-15. Tench, Watkin, 'Exploring Down Under: Traveling Diaries in New South Wales'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 16-21. Russell, Jeffrey B., 'Flat as the Earth'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 22-25. Turley, Gary, 'Humboldt's Gift: A Geographer in Profile'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 26-33. Clapp, Nicholas, 'Sheba: Through the Desert in Search of the Legendary Queen'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 34-39. Schwartz, Seymour I., 'The Land, the Survey, the Maps: Phelps and Gorham's Purchase in Western New York'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 40-45. Rohl, David, 'Opener of the Ways: Egypt's Oldest Maps Discovered in the Eastern Desert'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 46-51. Lyman, Eric J., 'More Than Meets the Eye: The Secret Life of Maps'
6,6 (2001 Nov/Dec): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'Current and Seamless: The U.S. Geological Survey's National Map Project'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 12-16. Pflederer, Richard, 'Map Man par excellence: Tony Campbell's Continuing Cartographic Career'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 18-23. McEwen, Alec, 'Conflict on the Connecticut [A boundary dispute leads to a new republic]'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 24-27. Stanley, Henry Morton, 'In Darkest Africa [Searching for the source of the Nile]'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 28-35. Carhart, George S., with Matthew Edney, 'An Excercise in Map Genealogy: Guillaume Delisle's L'Amerique Septentrionale and its many offspring: Part II: The Derivative Plates'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 36-37. Post, J.B., 'A Map by Any Other Name [Cartifacts on display]'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 38-43. Hooker, Brian, 'Down with Bligh ­ Hurrah for Tahiti: A fresh look at the mysterious voyage of the Bounty'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 44-47. Batten, Kit, 'Military School: A German schoolchild's cartographic timetable'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 48-49. Löwenhardt, Werner, 'Stop the Presses!: Inferno in the Gravenstraat Destroys Maps'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 50-52. Monmonier, Mark, 'Originality Bites: Copyright registration and map history'
6,5 (2001 Sep/Oct): pp. 56-57. Russell-Chamberlin, June, 'Canada by the Numbers [The National Atlas of Canada Online]'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 13-16. Ross, Robert, 'Jambo­from Africa: Gary Clarke's passion for Africa launches a collection'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 18-23. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'Lay of the Land: Twentieth-century relief representation in the United States'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 24-29. Brooks, Cheri, 'French Collection: Cartographic treasures of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 30-37. Haft, Adele J., 'Maps of Memory: The autobiographical maps of J.B. Harley and Denise Levertov'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 38-43. Fleming, Paula L., 'Serious Cartography at Play: Creating Maps for Historical Games'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 44-49. Carhart, George S., with Matthew Edney, 'An Exercise in Map Genealogy: Guillaume Delisle's L'Amerique Septentrionale and Its Many Offspring: Part I: The Delisle Plate'
6,4 (2001 Jul/Aug): pp. 50-52. Monmonier, Mark, 'Map Traps: The changing landscape of cartographic copyright'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Warren, Bill, 'When California Was an Island: Glen McLaughlinís cartographic landmarks'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Thrower, Norman J.W., 'Lay of the Land: The evolution of relief representation in the United States'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Tatlock, David, 'Wishful Thinking: A Nazi tourism map'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Owen, J. Victor, 'Carving up America: Mapping the land grab in North America'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Norton, Louis Arthur, 'The Legacy of Prince Henry: The Navigatorî re-examined'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Smith, Andrew, 'Borneo Mysteries: Dom Manuel de Lima and the disappearance of Lawei'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Owen, J. Victor, 'Seller Be Fair, Buyer Beware!: Trouble on the Internet'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Monmonier, Mark, 'Where Should Map History End?: The dearth of modern projects'
6,3 (2001 May/Jun): pp. . Turley, Gary, 'Gatewat to History: Cartographic history online'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 12-17. Turley, Gary, 'The Stories They Tell: Dr. James V. Walker and His Maps'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 18-23. Manasek, F.J., 'How to Spot These Fakes: Identifying a New Breed of Counterfeit Maps'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 24-31. Johnson, Jenny Marie, 'The Cities of Blaeu's World'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 32-35. Docktor, John W., 'Maps of Independence'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 36-41. Tyner, Judith, 'Following the Thread: The Origins and Diffusion of Embroidered Maps'
6,2 (2001 Mar/Apr): pp. 42-49. Bown, Stephen R., 'The Astonishing Astronomer of the Great Northwest [David Thompson, 1770-1857]'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 12-19. Sagues, Liz, 'Seeking to Share: Rodney Shirley's Generous Mission'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 20-25. Edinger Jr., J. Raymond, 'From the Arctic Sea to the Oval Office'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 26-33. Urness, Carol, 'Olaus Magnus: His Map and His Book'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 34-37. Russell-Chamberlin, June, 'Where the Bad Guys Are: Software on Crime'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 38-45. Warren, Bill, 'Treasures of the Hungtington'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 46-49. Edson, Evelyn, 'From Sea to Shining Sea ['kaart op straat', wereldkaart U.S. Navy Memorial, Washington DC)'
6,1 (2001 Jan/Feb): pp. 50-53. Monmonier, Mark, 'Perfectly Flat: Orthophotos and Orthophotoquad Maps'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 12-17. West, Myron, 'Incunabula to Kitsch: The Collections on Wesley A. Brown'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 18-23. Layland, Michael, 'Dudley's Last Secret [Robert Dudley, D'America XXXIII, 1647]'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 24-31. Hartwig, Walter Carl, 'Under Brazil: Mapping the Caves of Ancient Amazonia'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 32-38. Thrower, Norman J.W., 'A Primer on Projections: The Three-Dimensional World in Two Dimensions'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 40-45. Knowles, Anne Kelly, 'Alma Mater: Cartographic Portraits of Wellesley College'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 46-51. Hébert, John R., & Richard Pflederer, 'Like No Other: The 1562 Gutiérrez Map of America'
5,6 (2000 Nov/Dec): pp. 52-54. Monmonier, Mark, 'Simple Rules, Useful Maps: Jacques Bertin's Theory of Visual Variables'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 12-17. Sweetkind, Julie, 'State of the Art: David Rumsey's Online Map Collection'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 18-25. Wilkes, Sue, 'William Roy's Plan for Great Britain: The Birth of the Ordnance Survey'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 26-31. Bown, Stephen R., 'Shanawdithit's Story [Beothuk vrouw, maakte schets Captain Buchan's visit to the Red Indians in 1810-11]'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 32-35. Reinhartz, Dennis, 'Interior Geographies: Map Screens from the Age of Exploration, Expansion, and Trade'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 36-40. Whitfield, Peter, 'An Icon of Nationhood: Heinrich Muoss's 1710 Map of Switzerland'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 42-49. Seaver, Kirsten A., 'Renewing the Quest for Vinland: The Stefánsson, Resen, and Thorláksson Maps'
5,5 (2000 Sep/Oct): pp. 50-51. Sheehan, Dale, 'More Than an Atlas [Rand McNally Road Atlas]'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 12-17. Wilkes, Sue, 'Exploring Africa through Maps: The Travels of Caroline Batchelor'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 18-23. Sagues, Liz, 'A True Original: Greaves & Thomas Facsimile Globemakers'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 24-27. Gill, Brenda, 'The Big Man: Surveying Sir George Everest'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 28-33. Koning, Joep M.J. de, 'From Van der Donck to Visscher: A 1648 View of New Amsterdam'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 34-35. McCorkle, Barbara, 'Piece by Piece: A Most Unusual Atlas [Franse legpuzzel atlas, ca. 1850]'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 36-40. Monmonier, Mark, 'Hook, Line, and Gerrymander: Weird Shapes, Pejorative Words, and the Rhetorical Cartography of the 1990 U.S. Congressional Redistricting'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 42-45. Owen, J. Victor, 'Margins for Errors: Manuscript Notations in The Atlantic Neptune'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 46-51. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Serous Fun: The Map Painters of Redstone Studios'
5,4 (2000 Jul/Aug): pp. 54-57. Allen, David Y., 'Library Research from Home: Online Map Catalogues in North America and Europe'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 12-17. Warren, Bill, 'Curiosity Made the Collector: Warren Heckrotte Surveys the American West'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 18-23. McIntosh, Gregory C., 'A Tale of Two Admirals: Columbus and the Piri Reis Map of 1513'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 24-29. Edinger Jr., J. Raymond, 'Adrift! Surviving the Arctic Ice [USS Polaris, 1872-3]'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 30-37. McElfresh, Earl B., 'Blinded Giant: The Role of Maps in Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 38-42. Brooks, Cheri, 'Hot, hot, hot. A Stroll through the Miami Map Fair'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 44-47. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'A Schoolteacher Surveys Iceland [Björn Gunnlaugsson, 1844-8]'
5,3 (2000 May/Jun): pp. 48-53. Woram, John, 'The Year of the Tortoise: Dating the Maps of the Galápagos Islands'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 12-17. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Loss and Love: A Hungarian Map Collector in Paris [Lajos Szantai]'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 18-22. Whitfield, Peter, 'Dream Journeys to the Stars'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 24-29. McNaughton, Douglas, 'Mercator's Secret'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 30-35. Sagues, Liz, 'Simply Superb [British Library Map Library]'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 36-43. Wimmel, Kenneth, 'Along the Ancient Silk Road: The Remarkable Explorations of Sven Hedin'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 44-47. Warren, Bill, 'Driveways of the Rich and Famous: Hollywood's Red Line Map'
5,2 (2000 Mar/Apr): pp. 48-53. Wajntraub, Gimpel & Eva, 'Physician, Map Thyself: Men of Medicine and Cartography'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 12-17. Pearce, Marcia O., 'An Ardor for the Holy Land: The James C. and Adina P. Simmons Collection'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 18-25. Seaver, Kirsten A., 'Land of Wine and Forests: The Norse in North America'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 26-33. Owen, J. Victor, & John D. Greenough, 'Les Chateaux in the Mist: A Cartographic and Navigational Landmark on the Labrador Coast'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 34-39. Edinger Jr., J. Raymond, 'Overland to the Sea: Samuel Hearne's Search for the Coppermine River'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 40-47. Lyman, Eric J., 'An Inca Legacy: War of the Maps'
5,1 (2000 Jan/Feb): pp. 48-52. Thrower, Norman J.W., ''To make Observations on the Magneticall Needle': The Atlantic Voyages of Edmond Halley and His Charts'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 12-17. Scott, Valerie G., 'R.V. Tooley, the 'Grand Old Man of Maps''
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 18-25. Brown, Stephen R., ''In the Most Faithful Manner': George Vancouver's Great Voyage'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 26-29. Gill, Brenda, 'Pilgrim's Progress: Sacred Maps of India'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 30-35. Godlewska, Anne, 'The Language of Representation'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 36-43. Lawrence, David M., 'Mountains under the Sea: Marie Tharp's maps of the ocean floor shed light on the theory of continental drift'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 44-47. Carroll, Angus, 'Maps of Christmas Past'
4,6 (1999 Nov/Dec): pp. 48-53. Talbert, Richard, 'Divide and Conquer: The Making of a Classical Atlas'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 12-17. Creason, Glen, 'A Smile of Understanding: A map librarian's tale of overlooked treasure'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 18-23. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Room Service!: [The New York Public Library's Map Division]'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 24-31. Warren, Bill, 'Lone Wolf of the North: [Vilhjalmur Stefansson's unorthodox explorations]'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 32-39. Garver, Joseph, 'Plainly Visible Patterns: [Erwin Josephus Raisz and the art of cartography]'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 40-43. Whitfield, Peter, 'More to Life than Maps: [The accounts of a Victorian gentleman (Edward Stanford)]'
4,5 (1999 Sep/Oct): pp. 44-49. Brooks, Cheri, 'High End, Soft Sell: [New York map dealer Richard B. Arkway]'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 12-17. Crawford, Dan, 'No Uncharted Aisle: The Atlas Collection of Reger S. Baskes'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 18-23. McEwen, Alex, 'The Real St. Croix'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 24-31. Reitinger, Franz, 'Discovering the Moral World: Early Forms of Map Allegory'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 32-38. Bederman, Sanford H., 'The Money Men of the RGS: Royal Geograpical Society Expeditions in Africa'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 40-47. Kane, Daniel, 'Mapping 'All Under Heaven': Jesuit Cartography in China'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 48-53. Pieri, David, 'Red Planet Redux: [Mars Global Surveyor images are helping to decipher Mars¹s turbulent history]'
4,4 (1999 Jul/Aug): pp. 54-61. Perlman, Sar, 'Crusading by Sea: [A meditation on Prince Henry the Navigator]'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 12-17. Cumming, Elizabeth Chandler, 'Travels with a Cartophile (over William P. Cumming, 1900-1989)'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 18-25. Taylor, David, 'Degree of Difficulty: Measuring the Earth Proved to be a Triumphant Fiasco (betr. expeditie van Charles-Marie de la Condamine, 1736-1744, naar het Amazonegebied)'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 26-31. Herb, Guntram H., 'Before the Nazis: Maps as Weapon in German Nationalist Propaganda'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 32-39. McNaughton, Douglas, 'The Ghost of Henry Hudson'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 40-45. Kiger, Patrick J., 'Space, the Final Getaway: Crafts of Exploration are Becoming Vessels of Industry and Excursion'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 46-53. Clancy, Robert, 'Scramble for the Southern Continent: A Cartographic History of the Australian Antarctic Territory'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 54-61. Gayton, Don, 'The Cartography of Catastrophe: In the Wake of Harlen Bretz and the Great Spokane Flood'
4,3 (1999 May/Jun): pp. 80. Shirley, Rodney W., 'Sea Allegory (titelgravure van Van Keulens Zee-Fakkel)'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 12-17. Saxon, Gerard D., 'Close to Home (over Virginia Williams Garrett)'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 18-23. Koger, Grove, 'The Great Sahara Sea: An Idea whose Time has Come?'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 24-31. Ceaser, Mike, 'Atlantis of the Altiplano: The Latest Theory Regarding an Ancient Mystery'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 32-39. Reinhartz, Dennis, 'Cartography, Literature, and Empire: Herman Moll, his Maps, and his Friends'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 40-45. Cottman, Michael H., 'A Slave Ship Speaks'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 46-51. Oswald, Diane L., 'Limned by Fire (betr. Fire insurance maps)'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 52-57. Murray, Jeffrey S., 'The Model City (betr. driedimentsionaal model van Quebec, 1806-1808)'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 58-61. Ludmer-Gliebe, Susan, 'Golden Rhumb Lines of Connection'
4,2 (1999 Mar/Apr): pp. 80. Luther, Ken, 'I Have Seen the Wind'
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