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Cumulative register of The Portolan from no. 43 (1998/99)

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102 (2018 Fal): 9-24. McKee, Marianne M., 'From Survey to Settlement: Maps of the City of Richmond, Virginia'
102 (2018 Fal): 25-26. Courtois, Leslie, 'The Conservation of Richard Young's 1817 Map of Richmond'
102 (2018 Fal): 27-42. Kentel, Koca Mehmet, 'Empire on a Board: Navigating the British Empire through Geographical Board Games in the Nineteenth Century'
102 (2018 Fal): 43-51. Meurer, Peter H., 'Fragments of three multisheet Rosselli maps in Salzburg'
102 (2018 Fal): 52-55. Hessler, John, 'The Rare 'Mapa Quetzalecatzin' Comes to the Library of Congress'
101 (2018 Spr): 7-21. Killingsworth, Lauren Bouchard, 'Mapping Public Health In Nineteenth-Century Oxford'
101 (2018 Spr): 22-33. Moore, Ryan, 'Mapping German 'Tsingtau''
101 (2018 Spr): 34-44. Hainesworth, Lorna, 'Meriwether Lewis's Survey at Cumberland Gap'
101 (2018 Spr): 45-53. Nacu, Andrei, 'The first cartographic representations of Transylvania, 1325/1330-1520'
101 (2018 Spr): 54-57. Lobzhanidze, George, 'Depiction of Tbilisi (Tiflis), Georgia, on 4th-18th century European maps'
100 (2017 Win): 8-26. Mode, P.J., ''Not Maps At All' - What Is Persuasive Cartography? And Why Does It Matter?'
100 (2017 Win): 27-43. Thomas, Leah M., 'Beauty and Commerce: Central Africa and Virginia in Sir Robert Dudley's Arcano del mare'
100 (2017 Win): 44-55. Stone, Jeffrey P., 'Air Age News Journal Maps as Historical Sources'
100 (2017 Win): 56-63. Brown, Wesley A., 'A Mystery Lake in Southern Colorado'
99 (2017 Fal): 7-36. Papenfuse, Edward C., 'Thomas Holdsworth Poppleton and the Surveyor's Map that Made Baltimore'
99 (2017 Fal): 37-48. Mastran, Shelley, 'Early Roads and Settlements in Northern Virginia: A Cartographic Persp ective'
99 (2017 Fal): 49-60. Kupfer, Carl, and David Buisseret, 'Supersizing Lake Superior on the Jesuit map of ca. 1670'
99 (2017 Fal): 61. Lockwood, Leigh, 'Did My GPS Wither My Brain?'
98 (2017 Spr): 7-24. Cid Mendoza, Ana del, 'Orientalist Cartographies: Granada and the Alhambra'
98 (2017 Spr): 25-38. Gilmore, Matthew B., 'The Olmsteds and the Development of the Permanent System of Highways for the District of Columbia'
98 (2017 Spr): 39-51. LaRoche, Cheryl Janifer, 'Mapping the Underground Railroad'
98 (2017 Spr): 52-56. Schirò, Joseph, 'Ex libris, Jean Frédéric Oberlin: The Atlas with a Great Pedigree'
97 (2016 Win): 7-18. Short, John Rennie, 'The Modern National Atlas'
97 (2016 Win): 19-27. Svatek, Petra, 'Medicine - Archaelology - Geogrpahy: Academic Cartography at the University of Vienna, 1848-1900'
97 (2016 Win): 28-40. Meinheit, Harold E., 'The Bishop's Map: Vietnamese and Western Cartography Converge'
97 (2016 Win): 41-59. Thompson, Gunnar, 'Newfoundland's 'Circle Island Group': Gateway to Legendary Fortunes in Early North Atlantic Commerce and the Northwest Passage'
97 (2016 Win): 60-66. Goode, James M., 'The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 4'
96 (2016 Fal): 8-20. Langelan, Chas, 'Henry B. Looker: 1890s Surveyor, Soldier and Mapmaker who Transformed Washington DC'
96 (2016 Fal): 21-28. Lester, Jay, 'Mouzon's ghost writer, or, the true Author/Compiler of the 'Mouzon' map of the Carolinas'
96 (2016 Fal): 29-38. Martin, Geoffrey J., 'On the History of Writing the Book...: American Geograp hy and Geographers: Toward Geographical Science'
96 (2016 Fal): 39-52. Moore, Ryan, 'Poland's Cartographic Declaration of Independence: Eugeniusz Romer and his 1916 Atlas of Poland'
96 (2016 Fal): 53-58. Goode, James M., 'The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 3'
95 (2016 Spr): 7-36. Hubbard, Jason, & Frederik Muller, 'Lost and found: Hendrick Doncker II's Nieuw Groot Zeekaart Boek. Amsterdam. 1714'
95 (2016 Spr): 37-42. Lester, Jay, ''Re-Stating' John Henry's 1770 Map of Virginia'
95 (2016 Spr): 43-55. McElveen, J.C., 'The Use of Maps in Legal Proceedings'
95 (2016 Spr): 56-61. Goode, James M., 'The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 2'
94 (2015 Win): 7-24. Meinheit, Harold E., 'The Consul's Maps: Diplomacy, Cartography and Japan's 1874 Formosa Expedition'
94 (2015 Win): 25-32. Shenk, Rob, 'Washington's World'
94 (2015 Win): 33-37. Edelson, S. Max, with Shane Lin, 'MapScholar: A New Digital Tool for Displaying Map Collections Online'
94 (2015 Win): 43-61. McIntosh, Gregory, Peter W. Dickson, Kurt Guckelsberger, and Stefaan Missine, 'The Ostrich Egg and the Hunt: Lenox Globes: Commentaries and a Response'
94 (2015 Win): 62-67. Goode, James M., 'The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 1'
93 (2015 Fal): 7-18. Arkan, Merve, 'Mapping Siege: The 1570-1 Conquest of Cyprus on Italian Siege Maps of Nicosia and Famagusta'
93 (2015 Fal): 19-28. Moore, Ryan, 'Mapping Over There: The American Army and Mapping in World War I'
93 (2015 Fal): 29-39. Johnson, Alex, & Barry Ruderman, 'Comanche Cartography Rediscovered: The 'Battle of Sierra Blanca' Pictograph of 1787'
93 (2015 Fal): 40-51. Thomas, Leah, 'Seeking the Northwest Passage: Rhetoric and Allegory in Henry Briggs's The North Part of America'
92 (2015 Spr): 7-29. Fedman, David, 'Mapping Armageddon: The Cartography of Ruin in Occupied Japan'
92 (2015 Spr): 30-39. Kovarsky, Joel, 'Lewis Evans' Map of the Middle British Colonies'
92 (2015 Spr): 40-49. O'Neill, Patrick L., 'The Battle of the White House after the Burning of Washington'
92 (2015 Spr): 50-51. Hessler, John, 'Cartography's Final Frontier: Mapping the Topology of the Human Brain'
91 (2014 Win): 9-22. Laprairie, Richard (Rick), 'Reoriented Perspectives on the Clowes Map of 1701'
91 (2014 Win): 23-41. Lourie, Ira S., 'The U.S. Johnson Map Project's Rarity Index for Johnson Atlas Maps'
90 (2014 Fall): 8-33. Broecke, Marcel van den, 'Ortelius' Merchandise: His Atlases Then and Now'
90 (2014 Fall): 34-46. Moore, Ryan, 'Mapping the Ruhr Uprising of 1920: Rediscovered Intelligence Documents in the Collection of the Library of Congress'
90 (2014 Fall): 47-51. McIntosh, Gregory, 'Comments on the Hunt-Lenox and Ostrich Egg Globes'
89 (2014 Spr): 8-26. Dellinger, Justin T., 'La Balise: A transimperial focal point'
89 (2014 Spr): 27-33. Hessler, John W., 'Species of Spaces: The Early Computer Cartography Project at the Library of Congress'
89 (2014 Spr): 34-41. Meurer, Peter H., 'Non-realized Editions of Ptolemy's Geography in Early German Humanism'
89 (2014 Spr): 42-47. Dickson, Peter, 'Commentary on the Twin Lenox and Ostrich Egg Globes (with response by Stefaan Missinne)'
88 (2013 Win): 12-22. Wooldridge, William, and Marianne McKee, 'Trouble in Mapland: The Absconder, the Debtor, and the Affabulateur (Frederick Bossler, Samuel Lewis, and John Francis Renault)'
88 (2013 Win): 23-35. Teunissen, Harrie, 'The Holocaust in Contemporary Maps'
88 (2013 Win): 37-48. Kramer, Scott, 'Erased from Maps: A Cartographic History of the Margaret's Islands'
87 (2013 Fall): 8-24. Missine, Stefaan, 'A Newly Discovered Early Sixteenth-Century Globe Engraved on an Ostrich Egg: The Earliest Surviving Globe Showing the New World'
87 (2013 Fall): 25-34. Delaney, Carol, 'Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem'
87 (2013 Fall): 35-45. Carlson, Claudia, 'Mapping Real and Imaginary Worlds: Graphic Design in the Pursuit of Learning'
87 (2013 Fall): 46-52. Krogt, Peter van der, 'The Pierre levée at Poitiers: A dolmen with graffiti by cartographers and draughtsmen'
86 (2013 Spr): 10-35. Weiss, Thomas A., 'MapAnalyst and Geographic Information Systems: Keys to Unlocking New Paths of Research in the History of Cartography: Utility and Aesthetic: The Function and Subjectivity of Two Fifteenth Century Portolan Charts'
86 (2013 Spr): 36-49. Alti?, Mirela Slukan, 'Missionary Cartography of the Tarahumara (Mexico) With Special Regard to the Map of Ivan Rattkay'
86 (2013 Spr): 50-62. Hessler, John, 'In Nietzsche's Shadow: Searching for Roman Cartographers in Southern France'
85 (2012 Win): 8-20. Van Duzer, Chet, 'Waldseemüller's World Maps of 1507 and 1516: Sources and Development of his Cartographical Thought'
85 (2012 Win): 21-34. McDougall-Waters, Julie, 'British School Atlases: Shaping Style and Map Content'
85 (2012 Win): 35-45. Farrell, Cassandra Britt, 'The Library of Virginia's Civil War Map Collection'
85 (2012 Win): 46-50. Lockwood, Leigh, 'GPS 1.0 beta, AKA Britannia Depicta… (or, Travel Commentary in Strip Maps)'
85 (2012 Win): 75-77. Fondersmith, John, 'The United States Map as a National Symbol'
84 (2012 Fall): 8-26. Meinheit, Harold E., 'Captain Cupet and the King of Fire - Mapping and Minorities in Vietnam's Central Highlands'
84 (2012 Fall): 27-37. Edney, Matthew, 'Hugh, Earl Percy Remakes his Map of New England'
83 (2012 Spr): 7-23. Sheehan, Kevin E., 'Utility and Aesthetic: The Function and Subjectivity of Two Fifteenth Century Portolan Charts'
83 (2012 Spr): 24-37. Ala'i, Cyrus, 'The Russian (Van Verden) Chart of the Caspian Sea of 1720'
83 (2012 Spr): 38-51. Lourie, Ira S., 'Alvin J. Johnson and His Role in 19th Century Map Making in America'
83 (2012 Spr): 52-56. Missine, Stefaan, 'The Solving of a Mystery: A silver and gold-gilt celestial globe cup from a catholic English monarch in Exile!'
82 (2011 Win): 8-17. King, Robert J., 'Regio Patalis: Australia on the Map in 1531? (Early South Sea Voyages, or merely Cartographic Evolution?)'
82 (2011 Win): 18-26. Demhardt, Imre Josef, 'Alexander von Humboldt: Scientific discoverer and cartographer of the Americas'
82 (2011 Win): 27-33. Reisser, Wesley J., 'The Black Book - Woodrow Wilson's Maps for Peace'
82 (2011 Win): 34-42. Fowler, Ian M., 'Maps of the Peninsular War in the Hauslab-Liechtenstein Map Collection at the Library of Congress'
82 (2011 Win): 43-50. McDermott, Paul D., Ronald E. Grim and Philip Mobley, 'Eye of the Explorer - Illustrating Isaac Stevens's Pacific Railroad Survey, 1853-1854'
81 (2011 Fal): 8-14. McKee, Marianne, 'Expanding a Child's World: a Selected Bibliography of Books Relating to Maps for Children and Young Readers'
81 (2011 Fal): 15-30. Thompson, Emma, 'The Sea Monsters of Olaus Magnus: Classifying Wonder in the Natural World of Sixteenth Century Europe'
81 (2011 Fal): 31-37. Schecter, Barnet, 'George Washington's America: A Biography Through His Maps'
81 (2011 Fal): 50-51. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Elizabeth Taylor and the Map-maker'
80 (2011 Spr): 8-25. Barford, Megan, 'From Terra Australis Incognita to Whales and Shipping Routes: Cartographic Representations of the South Pacific, 1760-1860'
80 (2011 Spr): 26-32. Kovarsky, Joel, 'Searching for Early Maps: Use of Online Library Catalogs'
80 (2011 Spr): 33-41. Bailey, Dan, and Lindsay Schroader, 'Visualizing Early Washington DC'
80 (2011 Spr): 42-48. Stein, Mark, 'How the States Got Their Shapes'
79 (2010 Win): 9-19. Allen, David Y., 'New York City Map Maker John H. Eddy'
79 (2010 Win): 20-27. North, Gary W., 'Marie Tharp and Her Ocean Floor Maps'
79 (2010 Win): 28-35. Stanley, William A., 'Benjamin Banneker: An American Figure of Thought - Myths and Stories of the First African American Man of Science'
78 (2010 Fal): 8-12. Berg, Scott, 'The City Plan as Work of Art: Intended and Unintended Meanings in Pierre Charles L'Enfant's 1791 Manuscript Plan of Washington, D.C'
78 (2010 Fal): 13-25. McKee, Marianne, 'From Contracts to Copperplates: The Making of the 1827 State Map of Virginia, the Corrections in 1859, and the Copperplate Printing Project of 2004'
78 (2010 Fal): 26-36. McElfresh, Earl B., 'Mapping and Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign'
77 (2010 Spr): 7-25. Caldwell, Larry, & Michael Buehler, 'Picturing a Networked Nation: Abraham Bradley's Landmark U.S. Postal Maps'
77 (2010 Spr): 26-36. McGuirk Jr., Donald L., 'The Forgotten 'First Map with the Name of America' (the 1520 Apianus World Map); History, Census and Comparison with the Waldseemüller 1507 World Map'
77 (2010 Spr): 37-46. Mingus, Matthew D., 'Postwar Cartography and the Struggle to Build (and Destroy) the World Picture: A Few Case Studies'
77 (2010 Spr): 47. Trachtenberg, Daniel, 'Maps on Antique American Grandfather Clocks'
76 (2009 Win): 10-22. Vavra, Luke, 'J. T. Lloyd's Map of Virginia'
76 (2009 Win): 23-30. Wooldridge, William C., 'A Person of Worth and Integrity: John Worlidge, West Jersey Surveyor'
76 (2009 Win): 31-32. Meinheit, Harold E., 'Portolan Article Sparks Research on Possibly long-lost Vietnamese Map'
76 (2009 Win): 33-42. Cardinal, Louis, 'Bressani: "Io dedico la nuova Francia… I dedicate New France… Franc. Gius. Bressano… Bologna 11th January 1657": Analysis of a recently identified copy of Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani's map including dedication, authorship, place and date of printing, notes'
75 (2009 Fal): 9-16. Potter, Stephen R., 'Rethinking Captain John Smith's Map of Virginia'
75 (2009 Fal): 17-31. Mullan, Anthony Páez, 'Jouhan de la Guilbaudière, his 'Buccaneer's Atlas', and the Beginnings of French Trade along the Pacific Coast of South America ca. 1700'
75 (2009 Fal): 32-42. Johnson, Bert, 'Recommended Publications from the Personal Libraries of Washington Map Society Members'
75 (2009 Fal): 43-49. Gökgöz, Türkay, 'Cartographic properties and current situation of the oldest picture map in Çatalhöyük'
74 (2009 Spr): 11-34. Steinhilper, Diantha, 'Mapping Identity: Defining Community in the Culhuacán Map of the 'Relaciones Geográficas''
74 (2009 Spr): 35-40. Hessler, John, 'Cartography at The Margins: Johannes Schöner's Annotations in the 1482 Ulm Edition of Ptolemy's 'Geographia''
74 (2009 Spr): 41-46. Pool, Jeremy, 'The Antique Map Price Record: Twenty-Five Years of Tracking the Antiquarian Map Trade'
73 (2008 Win): 8-17. Bederman, Sanford H., 'The Reverend Thomas Wakefield: Unsung Geographer and Mapmaker in Late 19th Century Kenya'
73 (2008 Win): 18-27. Meinheit, Harold E., 'A Glimpse into Vietnam's Turbulent 19th Century'
73 (2008 Win): 28-35. Brückner, Martin, 'Beautiful Symmetry: John Melish, Material Culture, and Map Interpretation'
73 (2008 Win): 36-38. Wilson, Walter E., 'The Map that Bombed the Chinese Embassy [NATO Map of Belgrade, 1999]'
73 (2008 Win): 39-45. Peck, Douglas T., 'Navarrete and the Manufactured Columbus Landfall Problem: A Result of Ignoring Prime Cartographical Evidence'
72 (2008 Fal): 9-24. Stephenson, Richard W., 'A City in Transition: Mapping the Nation's Capital from Civial War to the Creation of a Comprehensive Plan, 1861-1902'
72 (2008 Fal): 25-33. Hedges, S. Blair, 'Dating Old Maps with the Print Clock [Dating of woodcuts]'
72 (2008 Fal): 34-44. O'Neill, Patrick L., 'William Bollaert's 1842-1844 Texas Field Map'
71 (2008 Spr): 9-21. Reisser, Wesley J., 'Mapping for Peace: The American Inquiry and the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919'
71 (2008 Spr): 22-33. Buehler, Michael, 'Henry F. Walling and the mapping of New England's towns, 1849-1857'
71 (2008 Spr): 34-45. Allen, David Y., 'The obscure Amos Lay: An early nineteenth-century American cartographer'
71 (2008 Spr): 53-55. Rothman, Leonard A., 'Cartocravatia (Map ties)'
70 (2007 Win): 10-26. Krogt, Peter van der, 'Latin texts on old maps: Elementary Latin grammar and cartographic word lists'
70 (2007 Win): 27-32. Edson, Evelyn, 'Putting America on the Map: The Achievement of Medieval Mapmakers'
70 (2007 Win): 33-38. Dunkelman, Arthur, 'Exploring the Early Americas: An Exhibit at the Library of Congress'
70 (2007 Win): 61-63. Sander, Thomas F., 'On the Waldseemüller Trail'
69 (2007 Fal): 13-22. Papenfuse, Edward C., 'Mapping Maryland: Putting Maryland on the Map'
69 (2007 Fal): 24-43. Stallard, Avan Judd, 'Navigating Tasman's 1642 Voyage of Exploration: Cartographic Instruments and Navigational Decisions'
69 (2007 Fal): 44-52. Morrison, Russell, 'Mapping Maryland: The Huntingfield Collectionof Maryland Maps'
68 (2007 Spr): 8-25. Hollis, Gavin, ''Give me the map there': King Lear and Cartographic Literacy in Early Modern England'
68 (2007 Spr): 26-39. Wooldridge, William C., 'The Bucholtz-Ludwig Map of Virginia and Its Successors, 1858-1868'
68 (2007 Spr): 40-42. Scheel, Eugene M., 'No Man's Island of Fairfax County, Virginia'
67 (2006 Win): 13-20. McLaughlin, Patrick, 'Mapping the peace: American cartographers and statemakers at Versailles'
67 (2006 Win): 21-24. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Royal Thai maps of the nineteenth century: A passle of Siamese maps'
67 (2006 Win): 25-38. Ala'i, Cyrus, 'Mapping Persia, with reference to the author's newly published book: 'General maps of Persia, 1477-1925''
67 (2006 Win): 39-44. Kovarsky, Joel, & Maryke Barber, 'Rare map cataloging: A case of special considerations'
67 (2006 Win): 45-56. Burnette, Ian, 'Klondike road maps: Selling comfort and convenience on the route(s) to the gold fields'
66 (2006 Fal): 6-15. Ehrenberg, Ralph E., et al., 'Remembering Walter Ristow'
66 (2006 Fal): 17-24. Peck, Douglas T., 'Mythical Lands in Early Cartography: An Opportune Tool for Promotion of Exploration and Colonization'
66 (2006 Fal): 25-30, 41-42. Theberge, Albert E., 'Marching with John W. Donn and Frederic W. Dorr: A Reminiscence of a Civil War Topographer'
66 (2006 Fal): 31-40. Jordan, Alf, 'An Introduction to Historical Carto-Philately'
66 (2006 Fal): 43-44. Buehler, Michael, & Henry Taliaferro, 'The Battlefield Survey of Chattanooga: A Landmark Manuscript Map for the Civil War'
66 (2006 Fal): 45-49. Hirsch, Michael, 'Map Dealer Catalogues'
65 (2006 Spr): 7-10. McKee, Marianne, & Gary Fitzpatrick, 'Alan Voorhees - A Dual Remembrance'
65 (2006 Spr): 13-27. Watson, Ruth E., 'The Decorated Hearts of Orance Fine: The 1531 Double Cordiform Map of the World'
65 (2006 Spr): 28-41. Meinheit, Harold E., 'Unveiling Vietnam - The Maps of Alexandre de Rhodes'
65 (2006 Spr): 42-53. Haft, Adele J., 'Karl Kirchwey's 'The Geographer's Line': Maps, Poetry, and Lewis & Clark'
65 (2006 Spr): 54-57. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Early Mapping of Fauquier County, Virginia'
64 (2005-06 Win): 9-24. Walker, James V., 'Cartographic First Fruits of the Lewis and Clark Expedition'
64 (2005-06 Win): 25-34 & 45. Mason, Virginia, 'The United States Post Office Department, Division of Topography and its Role in the Establishment of Rural Free Delivery'
64 (2005-06 Win): 35-45. Dillon, Leo, 'The State Department's Office of the Geographer: History and Current Activities'
63 (2005 Fal): 10-31. Du, Yongtao, 'Contesting Spatial Order: Merchant Geography in Late-Ming China'
63 (2005 Fal): 32-39. Suarez, Thomas, 'Early Mapping of the Pacific'
63 (2005 Fal): 40-50. Kovarsky, Joel, 'An Annotated Bibliography of Reference Books for the Beginning Antiquarian Map Collector'
63 (2005 Fal): 51-53. Johnson, Bert, 'Missa de la Mapa Mundi: A Cartophonic Mystery'
62 (2005 Spr): 10-29. Dora, Veronica della, 'Mapping Science and Myth on the Holy Mountain: Renaissance and Enlightenment Visions of Mount Athos'
62 (2005 Spr): 30-36. Kovarsky, Joel, 'A Condensed Digital Travelers Guide: Web Resources for Map Collectors & Enthusiasts'
62 (2005 Spr): 37-44. Li, Xiaocong, 'Chinese Maps in the Library of Congress'
62 (2005 Spr): 45-47. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Early Detailed Map of Loudoun County Virginia'
62 (2005 Spr): 48-51. Brown, Wesley A., 'J. H. Colton's Territories of New Mexico and Utah'
61 (2004-05 Win): 13-28. Cardinal, Louis, 'Record of an Ideal: Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani's 1657 Map of New France'
61 (2004-05 Win): 29-36. Hesse, Peter, 'Normandy Maps and Models'
61 (2004-05 Win): 37-40. Wooldridge, William C., 'Ortelius's Chesapeake'
61 (2004-05 Win): 41-48. Brown, Wesley A., 'Discovery of the New World Through Old Maps'
61 (2004-05 Win): 49-52. Boulay, Steve, 'Historic Maps of Russia'
60 (2004 Fal): 13-26. Frumin, Mitia, 'Russian Navy Mapping Activities in the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean (Late 18th Century)'
60 (2004 Fal): 27-39. Stephenson, Richard W., 'General Lee's Forgotten Mapmaker: Major Albert H. Campbell and the Department of Northern Virginia's Topographical Department'
60 (2004 Fal): 40-46. Pflederer, Richard, 'Portolan Charts: The Key to Navigation in the Mediterranean and Beyond'
60 (2004 Fal): 47-51. Gavish, Dov, 'Experimental Cartography in the Palestine Campaign, 1915-1918'
60 (2004 Fal): 52-56. Kumler, Mark P., ''In der Vergulde Sonnewijser' (In the Golden Sundial): a Biography of Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638)'
59 (2004 Spr): 9-26. Sheesley, Ben, 'A Humboltian Science Framework for William Whewell's Maps of the Oceanic Tides'
59 (2004 Spr): 27-34. Dempsey, Patrick, Kathryn Engstrom, Eileen McConnell & Steve Vogel, 'Maps and Genealogy: The Irish Story: A Meeting Summary [The Irish Map Project at the Library of Congress]'
59 (2004 Spr): 35-41. Cook, Cynthia, 'Historical Maps of Afghanistan in the Collections of the Library of Congress'
59 (2004 Spr): 42-52. De Vorsey, Louis, 'Historical Maps as Evidence: Geographer Calls on Young George Washington's Maps as Evidence in Nation's Longest Running Land Case'
58 (2003-04 Win): 10-21. Mumford, Ian, 'On the Invention of Photolithography as Applied to Map Making'
58 (2003-04 Win): 22-31. Craig, Robert, 'Recognizing a New Genre: The Large-Scale, Local Map of the Mid-19th Century'
58 (2003-04 Win): 32-38. Bartky, Ian, 'Finding and Charting the World's Time'
58 (2003-04 Win): 40-44. Cresswell, Don, 'Maps and TV's Antiques Roadshow'
58 (2003-04 Win): 45-48. McDermott, Paul D., 'The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal'
57 (2003 Fal): 10-16. Pritchard, Margaret Beck, 'Maps from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection'
57 (2003 Fal): 17-20. Trachtenberg, Dan, 'Map Powder Horns OR Powder Horn Maps'
57 (2003 Fal): 21-27. Hessler, John W., 'A New View of the World: John P. Snyder and the Space Oblique Mercator Projection'
57 (2003 Fal): 34-37. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Quantico: Expanding a U.S. Marine Corps Base'
57 (2003 Fal): 38-39. Sander, Thomas F., 'Croatia: Returning for the Maps'
57 (2003 Fal): 40-42. Wendt, Henry, 'Quivira: The Legend and the Wine'
57 (2003 Fal): 43-50. Reinhartz, Dennis, 'Texas Map Postcards Revisited: Much more than Ephemera'
57 (2003 Fal): 61-62. Sweetkind-Singer, Julie, 'Online Gazetteers'
56 (2003 Spr): 7-23. Hage, Rushika February, 'The Island Book of Henricus Martellus'
56 (2003 Spr): 24-33. Jaffee, David, 'James Wilson and the Early American Globe Makers'
56 (2003 Spr): 34-39. Peck, Douglas T., 'The 1511 Peter Martyr Map Revisited'
56 (2003 Spr): 41-44. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Wellman Chamberlin, Cartographer'
56 (2003 Spr): 45-50. Kovarsky, Joel, 'Maps at Mr. Jefferson's University. The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library'
56 (2003 Spr): 51-58. Vogel, Steve, 'Washington Map Society Harpers Ferry Field Trip to National Park Service Interpretive Design Center'
55 (2002-03 Win): 7-16. O'Neill, Patrick L., 'Finding the Overseers's House at George Washington's Union Farm'
55 (2002-03 Win): 17-23. Rumsey, David, 'Bringing the Past Forward: Historical Maps on the Internet'
55 (2002-03 Win): 24-37. Johnson, Bert, 'eBay: A Guide for Map Collectors'
55 (2002-03 Win): 38-40. Geissenhainer, Lori, 'Truth and Beauty: The Real World of Maps (Maps on Silk)'
55 (2002-03 Win): 42-58. Dahmann, Donald C., 'Visualizing U.S. Geographies: The Statistical Atlas Breakthrough of 1870 and Today's Opportunities'
54 (2002 Fal): 9-19. Ala'i, Cyrus, 'The Traditional Cartography of Islamic Classical Societies'
54 (2002 Fal): 20-32. Wanser, Heather Egan, 'Caring for Maps on Paper (includes guide to Preservation and Conservation Resources)'
54 (2002 Fal): 33-36. Sander, Thomas F., 'The Cartographic Traveler'
54 (2002 Fal): 37-39. Scheel, Eugene M., 'Putting 'Little' Washington on the Map'
54 (2002 Fal): 40-52. Wilson, Walt, 'The Shapes of Texas - The Cartographic Evolution of an Icon'
54 (2002 Fal): 57-61. Grove, Pearce S., 'Private Collectors and Collections on the Virginia Tidewater Peninsula'
53 (2002 Spr): 6-16. Ningal, Tine, 'A Case Study of Transition from Mental Map to Web Based Mapping in Papua New Guinea for Cartographic Education'
53 (2002 Spr): 17-33. Postnikov, Aleksey V., 'Russian Traditional Cartography of the Seventeenth Century and the Importance of Semen Ul'yanovich Remezov and his Drawing Books of Siberia'
53 (2002 Spr): 34-47. Warren, Bill, 'The 'Diderot' Maps'
53 (2002 Spr): 49-51. Docktor, John W., 'Humphrey Cole and His Map of the Holy Land'
53 (2002 Spr): 55-56. Johnson, Bert, 'The Texas Adopt-A-Map Program'
53 (2002 Spr): 57-58. Hubbard, David, 'The Miami International Map Fair From the Perspective of a 'First-Timer''
52 (2001-02 Win): 11-17. Loupis, Dimitris, 'Piri Reis's Book on Navigation as a Geography Handbook: Ottoman Efforts to Produce an Atlas During the Reign of Sultan Mehmed IV (1648-1687)'
52 (2001-02 Win): 18-33. Kimaid, Michael, ''From That Last Point, the Line Is Less Exact': The Problem of Cartography Prior to the Louisiana Purchase'
52 (2001-02 Win): 34-44. Greene, John, 'Maps with a Message: Categorizing the Works of Heinrich Scherer'
51 (2001 Fal): 11-14. Ward, Curtis B., David E. Rogers & Richard J. Dilley, 'NIMA's Role in the Dayton Peace Accords'
51 (2001 Fal): 15-21. Brodsky, Harold, 'The Hebrew Holy Land Map of Avraham bar Ya'acov, Amsterdam, 1695'
51 (2001 Fal): 22-29. Sorenson, Dale, & Eric W. Wolf, 'The Map Auction Business Today: Cartography from the Fiat Lux Library'
51 (2001 Fal): 30-41. Sales, Pierre, 'Afryqah (Africa): The E-Book and the History'
50 (2001 Spr): 7-13. Van Ee, Patricia Molen, 'Conservation from the Curator's and Collector's Point of View'
50 (2001 Spr): 14-18. Vogel, Steve, 'The Evolution of Geography and GIS: What it Means'
50 (2001 Spr): 19-23. Portolan Editors, 'The Portolan at 50'
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