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13,1 (2018): 1-22. Metcalf, Alida C., & Sean Morey Smith, 'Mapping the Maracană Aqueduct: Reconstructing the Route of Rio de Janeiro's Second Major Aqueduct'
13,1 (2018): 23-31. Buonora, Paolo, 'The cartographic collection of the State Archive of Rome online. Archival issues and digital models'
13,1 (2018): 32-49. Piccardi, Marco, Enzo Pranzini & Leonardo Rombai, 'Historical cartography and coastal dynamics of the Apuan littoral in the modern and contemporary periods: the port of Marina di Carrara (Tuscany, Italy)'
13,1 (2018): 50-62. Frolov, Alexei, & Irina Konovalova, 'Reconstruction of the Black Sea Map in the Geographical Work of Ab? al-Fid?''
12,4 (2017): 142-180. Konkoly-Gyuró, Éva, et al., 'Overview of the 18th-20th century military surveys in the light of the land cover change assessment in Eastern Central Europe'
12,4 (2017): 181-188. Cajthaml, Ji?í, & TomᚠJanata, 'Georeferencing of First Military Mapping survey maps in the area of Bohemia using polynomial method'
12,3 (2017): 95-101. Cekula, Zane, 'Place names in the historic cadastral plan of Dinaburg County: localisation of place names in order to complete the place names database of Latvia'
12,3 (2017): 102-108. Gatta , Giorgia, & Gabriele Bitelli, 'A historical GIS for the comparison of past and present views: Bologna, yesterday and today'
12,3 (2017): 109-118. Storms, Martijn, 'Maps in the crowd: results of a map georeferencing crowdsourcing pilot project'
12,3 (2017): 119-131. Yano, Keiji, et al., 'WebGIS-based application for comparing folding screens of Rakuch? rakugai-zu (Scenes in and around Kyoto) with maps'
12,3 (2017): 132-141. Gede, Mátyás, 'Automatic reconstruction of old globes by photogrammetry and its accuracy'
12,2 (2017): 40-52. ?elkis, Thomas, & Valentina Karpova-?elkiene, 'Reading signs: manuscript cartography sources of the 16th-19th century from the Vilnius University Library'
12,2 (2017): 53-59. Mihalakopoulos, Georgios, 'Alexandros Massavetas's 'Going Back to Constantinople-Istanbul: A City of Absences': Mapping the Past and the Present through Literature'
12,2 (2017): 60-74. Thiry, Christopher J.J., 'GIS-based discovery interface to paper map sets'
12,2 (2017): 75-83. Kožica, Kazimierz, 'Different states of the sea chart of the Gulf of Riga by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (1534-1606) from his first sea atlas Spiegel der Zeevaert (1583/1585) in the Niewodnicza?ski Collection Imago Poloniae at the Royal Castle in Warsaw'
12,2 (2017): 84-94. Piekielek, Nathan B., 'Best practices for georeferencing large scale historical fire insurance maps of the USA'
12,1 (2017): 1-23. Metcalf, Alida C., 'Who Cares Who Made the Map? La Carta del Cantino and its anonymous maker'
12,1 (2017): 24-36. Shawa, Tsering Wangyal, 'Guidelines for Creating Historical Geospatial Boundary Data'
11,4 (2016): 150-159. Novotná, Eva, 'Cartographic culture heritage belongs to UNESCO'
11,4 (2016): 160-169. Appel, Stephen, & Marcy Bidney, 'Geodex 2.0: saving a legacy map series cartobibliography'
11,4 (2016): 170-182. Egmond, Marco van, 'Mapping early Utrecht printers and publishers: experiences with building a geographical interface'
11,4 (2016): 183-195. Mastronunzio, Marco, & Elena Dai Prŕ, 'Editing historical maps: comparative cartography using maps as tools'
11,4 (2016): 196-201. Rystedt, Bengt, 'Swedish mapping in the Baltic Countries'
11,3 (2016): 99-117. Vardakosta, Ifigenia, & Sarantos Kapidakis, 'Suggestions for developing geospatial collections in Greek Academic Libraries'
11,3 (2016): 118-126. Chod?jovská, Eva, Jan Pacina, & Jan Popelka, 'How to Understand the XVII-century-mappers? The I Military Survey of Bohemia Transformed into a Comprehensive Information System'
11,3 (2016): 127-135. Dupont, Henrik, 'Denmark Seen from Above-ACrowdsourcing Project: Experiences with User Involvement, Experience with New Use of Aerial Photographs'
11,3 (2016): 136-149. Arioti, Elisabetta, Gabriele Bitelli, & Giorgia Gatta, 'Geomatic and Archival Sciences Applied to the Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy) for Analysis and Representation of the XIX Century Urban Arrangement'
11,2 (2016): 47-56. Balletti, Caterina, Alessandro Ceregato, Caterina Gottardi, Francesca Rizzi, & Andrea Vianello, '3D Digitization and Web Publishing of an ISMAR Cartographic Heritage: Historical Maps of Venice Lagoon'
11,2 (2016): 57-76. Iosifescu, Ionut, Angeliki Tsorlini, & Lorenz Hurni, 'Towards a comprehensive methodology for automatic vectorization of raster historical maps'
11,2 (2016): 77-89. Buterez, Cezar-Iulian, Andreea Popa, Radu Gava, Radu Dumitru, & Andrei-Rafael Gruia, 'On the Trail of a Legend: The Legacy of Lady Neaga Seen through Historical Maps'
11,2 (2016): 90-98. Šolar, Renata, 'Map Libraries-Challenges for the Future'
11,1 (2016): 1-12. Saada, Afef, 'Reconstitution de l'espace tunisien de Ptolémée et de B. Sylvano (1511)'
11,1 (2016): 13-34. Abshire, Corey, Dmitri Gusev, Ioannis Papapanagiotou, Sergey Stafeyev, 'A Mathematical Method for Visualizing Ptolemy's India in Modern GIS Tools'
11,1 (2016): 35-46. Anoyatis-Pelé, Dimitrios, Ioanna Athanasopoulou, Costas Tsiamis, 'Cartographic Heritage in the Historical Study of Public Health: The Case of Mediterranean Lazzaretos'
10,4 (2015): 143-189. Arnaud, Jean-Luc, 'Séries cartographiques et géoréférencement, nouveau contexte, nouveaux enjeux'
10,3 (2015): 94-123. Schaffer, Gad, Noam Levin, 'Challenges and Possible Approaches for Using GIS as a Tool in Historical Geography Landscape Research: aMeta-analysis Review'
10,3 (2015): 124-142. Krogt, Peter van der, 'The Origin of the Word 'Cartography''
10,2 (2015): 49-59. Simon, Rainer, Elton Barker, Leif Isaksen, and Pau de Soto Cańamares, 'Linking Early Geospatial Documents, One Place at a Time: Annotation of Geographic Documents with Recogito'
10,2 (2015): 60-72. Frazzica, Valeria, Francesca Galletti, and Massimo Orciani, 'Gregoriano Cadastre: the Creation of a WebGis from Historical Cartography through the Techniques of Classification of Satellite Images'
10,2 (2015): 73-86. Glišovic, Jelena, and Stanislava Gardaševic, 'Cartographic Collection of National Library of Serbia throughout History until the Digital Present'
10,2 (2015): 87-93. Gede, Mátyás, 'Novel Globe Publishing Techniques Using WebGL'
10,1 (2015): 1-10. Kiss, Eszter, Zsuzsanna Ungvári, Pál Fulajtár, 'Digital Map Collection Project at the National Széchényi Library'
10,1 (2015): 11-20. Roset, Rafael, Victor Pascual, Carme Montaner, 'From Gazetteer to Bounding Box: Using SDI Standards to Build a Geoportal for Ancient Maps in Catalonia'
10,1 (2015): 21-29. Ballarin, Martina, Caterina Balletti, Caterina Gottardi, 'Automatic Systems for Digitizing Historical Maps'
10,1 (2015): 30-41. Tsioukas, Vassilios, Alexandra Koussoulakou, Tamás Jancsó, 'Falling into Place: Orientation and Viewing of Past Cityscapes in 3D Space'
10,1 (2015): 42-48. P?dör, Andrea, 'Experiment of Involving Students in Preserving Geographical Names Appearing on historical maps'
9,4 (2014): 153-165. Tsorlini, Angeliki, Ionut Iosifescu, Cristina Iosifescu, Lorenz Hurni, 'A methodological framework for analyzing digitally historical maps using data from different sources through an online interactive platform'
9,4 (2014): 166-175. Irás, Krisztina, & István Elek, 'Digital map archive and map database of Eötvös Loránd University'
9,4 (2014): 176-195. Piccardi, Marco, 'Small, medium and large scale maps in coastal studies. What happened to Arno's Mouth between the XIVth and the XIXth Century?'
9,4 (2014): 196-205. Ballarin, Martina, & Paolo Vernier, 'Digitization of maps belonging to cultural heritage'
9,3 (2014): 97-104. Crom, Wolfgang, 'Digitisation of maps - only a colourful picture or a value added service?'
9,3 (2014): 105-112. Simon, Rainer, Peter Pilgerstorfer, Leif Isaksen & Elton Barker, 'Towards semi-automatic annotation of toponyms on old maps'
9,3 (2014): 113-128. Dai Prŕ, Elena, & Marco Mastronunzio, 'Rectify the river, rectify the map. Geometry and geovisualization of Adige river hydro-topographic historical maps'
9,3 (2014): 129-145. Metcalf, Alida C., 'Water and Social Space: Using georeferenced maps and geocoded images to enrich the history of Rio de Janeiro's fountains'
9,3 (2014): 146-152. Timár, Gabor , Zsombor Bartos-Elekes, Vasile Cr?ciunescu, C. Flueraru, Zoltán Imecs & Zsolt Magyar-Sáska, 'Danger doesn't vanish with the dikes: Comparison of the inundation pattern of the 2006 Danube floods and the historical topographic map of 1864 of South Romania'
9,2 (2014): 51-65. Costes, Benoît, 'Matching Old Hydrographic Vector Data from Cassini's Maps'
9,2 (2014): 66-77. Mulhearn, Phil, 'The 18th and 19th Century Charting of Sydney Harbour / Port Jackson'
9,2 (2014): 78-96. Allen, David Y., 'Alexander von Humboldt and the Mapping of Mexico'
9,1 (2014): 1-29. Robles Macías, Luis A., 'The longitude of the Me diterranean throughout history: facts, myths and surprises'
9,1 (2014): 3-50. Livieratos, Evangelos, & Chrysoula Boutoura, 'Precursors of scientific mapping of Peloponnese: two early 18th century rare Venetian maps'
8,4 (2013): 160-177. Vannieuwenhuyze, Bram, 'The 'Digital Thematic Deconstruction' of early modern urban maps and bird's-eye views'
8,4 (2013): 178-186. Lelo,Keti, & Carlo M. Travaglini, 'Historical cartography and the study of urban cultural heritage: the case of Rome in the 18th century'
8,4 (2013): 187-199. Arioti, Elisabetta, Gabriele Bitelli & Giorgia Gatta, 'Analysis in a digital environment of the multi-storey arrangement of the Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy) XIX century'
8,4 (2013): 200-208. Balletti, Caterina, Mauro Calzavara, Francesco Guerra & Massimo Mazzanti, 'Walking through historical maps of Venice'
8,3 (2013): 106-132. Rubin, Rehav, 'Greek-Orthodox maps of Jerusalem from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries'
8,3 (2013): 133-145. Gondring, Oliver, and Susanne Rau, 'Designing the GlobMapLab: Using maps as an entry point to the Perthes Collection'
8,3 (2013): 146-152. Tosti Croce, Mauro, and Saverio Pialli, 'Territori, the Italian web portal of cadastres and historical cartography'
8,3 (2013): 153-159. Afferni, Raffaella, 'The experience of Geolat group about the project DAGOClaT - Digital Atlas with Geographical Ontology for Classical Texts'
8,2 (2013): 60-84. Perthus, Sophie, & Jutta Faehndrich, 'Visualizing the map-making process: Studying 19th century Holy Land cartography with MapAnalyst'
8,2 (2013): 85-94. Lepore, Fortunato, Marco Piccardi, & Leonardo Rombai, 'Looking at the Kitab-i Bahriye of Piri Reis'
8,2 (2013): 95-100. ?yszkowska, Wies?awa, 'The numerical analysis of a lost old-days manuscript map'
8,2 (2013): 101-105. Arnaud, Jean-Luc, 'Production of georeferenced data - use, cost and accuracy'
8,1 (2013): 1-7. Gounaris, Basil C., 'Macédoine ou Comen?litari? A Historical Comment on Early Modern Cartography'
8,1 (2013): 8-20. Görz, Günther, Martin Scholz, 'Semantic annotation for medieval cartography: The example of the Behaim Globe of 1492'
8,1 (2013): 21-36. Silva, Michele De , Anna Guarducci, Leonardo Rombai, 'The Grosseto plain (Tuscany, Italy) in historical maps (18th - 20th centuries): georeferencing of historic landscape'
8,1 (2013): 37-55. Fodorean, Florin, Ioan Fodorean, Ciprian Moldovan, 'Recreating the landscape of the former Roman Dacia using modern 19th century cartography, digital data and GIS'
8,1 (2013): 56-59. Tsioukas, Vassilios, 'Free software solutions for the creation and manipulation of 3D representations of historical maps'
7,4 (2012): 163-169. Tsioukas, Vassilis, Alexandra Koussoulakou, Maria Pazarli, Nopi Ploutoglou, Miltiadis Daniil, and Ioanna Stergiopoulou, 'Scanning or digitizing in libraries? A test on the efficiency of dedicated book-scanning devices in digitizing bound atlases and maps'
7,4 (2012): 170-181. Fleet, Christopher, and Petr P?idal, 'Opening historical maps for community mashups - a case study of the NLS Historical Maps API'
7,4 (2012): 182-194. Novotná, Eva, 'TEMAP: a new project of the Czech Republic for accessing map collections (2011-2015)'
7,4 (2012): 195-204. Bitelli, Gabriele, & Giorgia Gatta, 'Georeferencing of an XVIII century technical map of Bologna (Italy)'
7,4 (2012): 205-219. Piccardi, Marco, and Fortunato Lepore, 'Looking for a coastal profile: Elba Island as a model for historical iconographic interpretation'
7,3 (2012): 97-110. Brovelli, Maria A., & Marco Minghini, 'Georeferencing old maps: a polynomial-based approach for Como historical cadastres'
7,3 (2012): 111-123. Boutoura, Chrysoula, Vasileios Tsioukas, & Angeliki Tsorlini, 'Experimenting 'fisheye-lens functions' in studying digitally particular historic maps'
7,3 (2012): 124-135. Vichrova, Martina, 'Digital terrain model of the Second Military Survey: Two model territories: the surroundings of the town Rokycany and part of the military training area Brdy'
7,3 (2012): 136-146. Talich, Milan, Ond?ej Böhm, & Lubomír Soukup, 'Classification of digitised old maps and possibilities of its utilization'
7,3 (2012): 147-154. Verhelst, Elisabeth, Liesbeth Missel, Bas Vanmeulebrouk, & Frans. I. Rip, 'Publishing WWII aerial photographs in geographical and library information systems'
7,3 (2012): 155-162. Capdevila, Joan [et al.], 'Gateway MARC21-ISO19115: definition and reference implementation'
7,2 (2012): 50-61. Popovi?, Mihailo St., and Bogdan ?andric, 'Transfer of (historical) geographic knowledge Then and Now. From static data to user oriented visualization'
7,2 (2012): 62-72. Schönherr, Ekkehard, 'The expansion of Barcelona in the early modern age: Aspects of a historian's access to historical maps and the search for new representations of historical spatial information'
7,2 (2012): 73-81. Southall, Humphrey, and Petr P?idal, 'Old Maps Online: Enabling global access to historical mapping'
7,2 (2012): 82-88. Gede, Mátyás, and János Mészáros, 'The possible use of free on-line tools for digitizing old relief models'
7,2 (2012): 89-96. Anguita, Sergio, Carme Montaner, Joaquim Oller, and Rafael Roset, 'Digital preservation at the Institut Cartogrŕfic de Catalunya'
7,1 (2012): 1-15. Guarducci, Anna, Luca Deravignone, Barbara Gelli, Claudio Greppi, Giuseppe Lauricella, Giancarlo Macchi Janica, & Giulio Tarchi, 'Imago Tusciae: A digital archive of historical maps of Tuscany (Italy)'
7,1 (2012): 16-27. Lepore, Fortunato, Marco Piccardi, & Enzo Pranzini, 'The autumn of mediaeval portolan charts: Cartometric issues'
7,1 (2012): 28-35. Micalizzi, Paolo, Stefano Magaudda, Paolo Buonora, Luca Sasso d'Elia, 'A GIS for the city of Rome: archives, architecture, archeology'
7,1 (2012): 36-44. Metcalf, Alida C., 'Amerigo Vespucci and the Four Finger (Kunstmann II) World Map'
7,1 (2012): 45-49. Mészáros, János, 'The georeferencing method of the 1:5000 scale Danube maps'
6,4 (2011): 219-229. Rusińol, Marçal, Rafael Roset, Josep Lladós, & Carme Montaner, 'Automatic index generation of digitized map series by coordinate extraction and interpretation'
6,4 (2011): 230-243. Fleet, Christopher, 'Historical maps in ScotlandsPlaces: new collaborative geographic retrieval and presentation options for the National Library of Scotland's maps'
6,4 (2011): 244-253. Grosso, Eric, 'SEREDONA: A web service platform to integrate historical vector data into current reference frame'
6,4 (2011): 254-260. Isaksen, Leif, 'Lines, damned lines and statistics: unearthing structure in Ptolemy's Geographia'
6,4 (2011): 261-269. Cr?ciunescu, Vasile, Stefan Constantinescu, Ionut Ovejanu, & Ioan Rus, 'Project eHarta: a collaborative initiative to digitally preserve and freely share old cartographic documents in Romania'
6,4 (2011): 270-275. Bitelli, Gabriele, & Giorgia Gatta, 'Experiences on georeferencing of maps from the XIX century Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy)'
6,3 (2011): 129-137. Simon, Rainer, Bernhard Haslhofer & Joachim Jung, 'Annotations, tags and linked data. Metadata enrichment in online map collections through Volunteer-Contributed Information'
6,3 (2011): 138-151. Nie?cioruk, Kamil, 'Analysis and evaluation of the XVIIIth century plan of Lublin as an example of a comprehensive approach in the research of early cartographic materials'
6,3 (2011): 152-160. Koussoulakou, Alexandra, Maria Karantoni, Yiannis Mitzias, & Kalliopi Efkleidou, 'The heritage of archaeological mapping in Greece and some tools for a digital approach'
6,3 (2011): 161-171. Adami, Andrea, Caterina Balletti, Francesco Guerra, & Carlo Monti, 'Lafrery's perspective map of Milan (1573): genesis and geometric content'
6,3 (2011): 172-186. Papachristou, Mary, & Maria Pazarli, 'An interactive secondary education history class project using cartographic heritage interfaces: The Ancient Olympia landscape key-study'
6,3 (2011): 187-199. Heere, Elger, 'The accuracy of the maps of Zeeland: Accuracy measurement as part of the cartobibliography'
6,3 (2011): 200-218. Livieratos, Evangelos, Chryssoula Boutoura, Maria Pazarli, Nopi Ploutoglou, & Angeliki Tsorlini, 'The very first printed map in Greek, a derived map from Dutch cartography: Chrysanthos Notaras' world map (1700) vs Jan Luyts' world map (1692)'
6,2 (2011): 57-67. Grammenos, Dimitris, Xenophon Zabulis, Damien Michel, and Antonis A. Argyros, 'Augmented reality interactive exhibits in Cartographic Heritage:An implemented case-study open to the general public'
6,2 (2011): 68-76. Gede, Mátyás, Mátyás Márton, and Zsuzsanna Ungvári, 'Digital reconstruction of Perczel's globe'
6,2 (2011): 77-95. El-Hussainy, Mohamed S., Moustafa A. Baraka, and Maher A. El-Hallaq, 'A methodology for image matching of historical maps'
6,2 (2011): 96-113. Brychtová, Alžb?ta, and Angeliki Tsorlini, 'Differences of Ptolemy based cartography of Central Europe with respect to recent Czech Republic representations'
6,2 (2011): 114-121. Guarducci, Anna, Leonardo Rombai, and Marco Piccardi, 'Mare Oraque Tusciae'
6,2 (2011): 122-128. Tuti?, Dražen, and Miljenko Lapaine, 'Digitization of Old Maps Using Deskan Express 5.0'
6,1 (2011): 1-13. Livieratos, Evangelos, 'Panorama of the Austrian cartographic impact in the late 18th, 19th and early 20th century Greece: A strong example of the international character of Cartographic Heritage'
6,1 (2011): 14-28. Pazarli, Maria, Angeliki Tsorlini, and Evangelos Livieratos, ''Vienna, late 18th century…': Birth and importance of two monuments of Greek cartographic heritage, the Rigas Velestinlis' Charta and the Anthimos Gazis' Pinax, from a digital point of view'
6,1 (2011): 29-38. Ploutoglou, Nopi, Ch. Boutoura, E. Livieratos, and M. Pazarli, 'Franz von Weiss' maps of SE Europe (1821, 1829) issued in two crucial dates associated with the establishment of the Modern Greek state in early 19th century: A digital comparative approach'
6,1 (2011): 39-45. Boutoura, Chrysoula, N. Ploutoglou, and A. Tsorlini, 'The von Scheda 1:300.000 map tradition as the basis for the official map coverage of Greece and its updating in late 19th century'
6,1 (2011): 46-56. Koussoulakou, Alexandra, Angeliki Tsorlini, and Chryssoula Boutoura, 'On the 'Generalkarte' coverage of the northern part of Greece and its interactions with the relevant subsequent Greek map series'
5,4 (2010): 181-193. Moscicka, Albina, and Marek Marzec, 'Old maps as a part of movable heritage accessible from the online map'
5,4 (2010): 194-211. Oreni, Daniela, Rafaella Brumana, Marco Scaioni, and Federico Prandi, 'Navigating on the past, as a bird flight, in the territorial scale of historical topographic maps: WMS on the 'Corografie delle Province del Regno Lombardo-Veneto', for accessing cadastral map catalogue'
5,4 (2010): 212-225. Zyszkowska, Wies?awa, Ewa Szynkiewicz, Anna Osowska, and Dariusz Przybytek, 'Georeference and digitalization of the cartographic collections of the University of Wroc?aw'
5,4 (2010): 226-239. Magaš, Damir, Lena Miroševi?, and Josip Fari?i?, 'Cartographic heritage in the Zadar (Croatia) scientific and cultural institutions'
5,4 (2010): 240-249. Landek, Ivan, and Ivan Grubi?, 'Topographic maps production on Croatian soil - project presentation'
5,3 (2010): 107-117. Grosso, Eric, 'Integration of historical geographic data into current georeferenced frameworks: A user-centred approach'
5,3 (2010): 118-131. Rodger, Richard, Christopher Fleet & Stuart Nicol, 'Visualising urban geographies'
5,3 (2010): 132-143. Simon, Rainer, Joachim Korb, Christian Sadilek & Matthias Baldauf, 'Explorative user interfaces for browsing historical maps on the Web'
5,3 (2010): 144-159. Vichrova, Martina, & Vaclav Cada, 'Altimetry on the second military survey maps in the territories of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia'
5,3 (2010): 160-171. Pazarli, Maria, 'On the early 19th c. map by Gaetan Palma, printed in Trieste, 1811'
5,3 (2010): 172-175. Bitelli, Gabriele, Stefano Cremonini S. & Giorgia Gatta, 'Late Renaissance survey techniques revealed by three maps of the old Po river Delta'
5,3 (2010): 176-180. Jenny, Bernhard, 'New features in MapAnalyst'
5,2 (2010): 49-57. Boer, Arnoud de, 'Processing old maps and drawings to create virtual historic landscapes'
5,2 (2010): 58-74. Chías, P., and T. Abad, 'The nautical charts of the Spanish Mediterranean coasts in the 18th and 19th centuries: digital methods to compare the cartographical techniques of the main European Navies'
5,2 (2010): 75-87. Bro?i?, Pejo, Ivana Kordi?, & Emin Sarajli?, 'Archives of nautical charts and publications, HHI museum in its formative stage'
5,2 (2010): 88-96. Montaner, Carme, & Rafael Roset, 'Impact of the internet users on the Map Library of Catalonia access collections'
5,2 (2010): 97-102. Gercsák, Gábor, & Mátyás Márton, 'New terminology of differentiating digital facsimiles'
5,2 (2010): 103-106. Livieratos, Evangelos, 'A variant of Rigas Velestinlis Version-A Charta: The Kapesovo copy'
5,1 (2010): 1-48. Tolias, George, 'Maps printed in Greek during the Age of Enlightenment, 1665-1820'
4,4 (2009): 203-211. Balk, Louisa, 'The National Archives of the Netherlands: Manuscript maps and digital access'
4,4 (2009): 212-220. Jobst, Markus, 'Neo-cartographic interlacement as barrier for Cartographic Heritage'
4,4 (2009): 221-233. Bitelli, Gabriele, Stefano Cremonini S. & Giorgia Gatta, 'Ancient map comparisons and georeferencing techniques: A case study from the Po River Delta (Italy)'
4,4 (2009): 234-239. Gartner, Georg, 'Applying Web Mapping 2.0 to Cartographic Heritage'
4,4 (2009): 240-246. Contň, F., G. Fanello & M. Pillon, 'An information system for historical Cadastre of Venice'
4,4 (2009): 247-266. Tsorlini, Angeliki, 'Spatial distribution of Ptolemy's Geographia coordinate differences in North Mediterranean eliminating systematic effects'
4,4 (2009): 267-271. Salvadori, S., & C. Poggetti, 'Historical cartography in archival contexts: new technological perspectives'
4,3 (2009): 144-160. Adami, Andrea, 'From real to virtual globe: new technologies for digital cartographic representation'
4,3 (2009): 161-167. Bower, David I., 'A method of estimating mean errors in areas on a map from the errors in point separations'
4,3 (2009): 168-179. Iturrioz Aguirre, T., A. Fernández-Wyttenbach, M. A. Bernabé-Poveda, & A. Cattaneo, 'The affective perspective of early maps'
4,3 (2009): 180-186. Balletti, Caterina, & F. Guerra, 'Image matching for historical maps comparison'
4,3 (2009): 187-191. Tsioukas, Vassilios, 'Web georeference of historical maps'
4,3 (2009): 192-198. Buonora, Paolo, 'Digitization, online utilization and preservation of cadastral very large format cartography'
4,3 (2009): 199-202. Tonini, Camillo, 'Survey and digital representation of globes: a new collaboration between Correr Museum and the University Iuav of Venice'
4,2 (2009): 61-72. Chías, P., and T. Abad, 'GIS tools for comparing historical and contemporary landscapes through local maps series'
4,2 (2009): 73-85. Henrie, Daniel, 'Ordnance Survey historic town plans of Scotland (1847-1895): Geo-referencing and web delivery with ArcIMS and OpenLayers'
4,2 (2009): 86-100. Monti, C., C. Achille, R. Brumana, S. Musumeci, D. Oreni, and M. Signori, ''Perspectives' on the 3-D analysis through the cadastral map series (XVIII - XX sec.) and the first geodetic large scale map of Milan realized by the 'Astronomi di Brera' (Astronomers of Brera): toward an advanced portal'
4,2 (2009): 101-116. Pazarli, Maria, 'Mediterranean islands in Tabula Peutingeriana'
4,2 (2009): 117-130. Tsorlini, Angeliki, 'Higher order systematic effect in Ptolemy's Geographia coordinate description of Iberia'
4,2 (2009): 131-139. Fairbairn, David, 'Using vedute to source geospatial information: data flowline and accuracies'
4,2 (2009): 140-143. Lovison-Golob, Lucia, 'Increasing Access to Historical Cartography through the Web: The Darfur Case'
4,1 (2009): 1-8. Borbinha, José, Gilberto Pedrosa, Joăo Luzio, Hugo Manguinhas, and Bruno Martins, 'The DIGMAP Virtual Digital Library'
4,1 (2009): 9-24. Manguinhas, H., B. Martins, J. Borbinha, and W. Siabato, 'The DIGMAP Geo-Temporal Web Gazetteer Service'
4,1 (2009): 25-37. Martins, B., H. Manguinhas, J. Borbinha, and W. Siabato, 'A geo-temporal information extraction service for processing descriptive metadata in digital libraries'
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