Maps on Coins

from the collection of Peter van der Krogt

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French 10 F standard 1988

France, 10 Francs 1987, Ø 25 mm.
Shows an outline map of France (the Isle of Corse penetrating the Provence) with the monogram RF in the center.

French 10 F Roland Garos

France, 10 Francs 1988, Ø 25 mm.
Commemorative coin Roland Garos 1888-1918, showing the Atlantic coastline of France.

Spain 5 pta Football

Spain, 5 peseta, Ø 23 mm.
Special issue for football in 1982..

Tunesian coin

Tunisia, 1 dinar 1988, Ø 28 mm.
Shows an outline map of Tunisia.

Isle of Man coin

Isle of Man, Half Penny 1976, Ø 16 mm.
A fish over an outline map of the isle.


Brazil, 1 Cruzeiro 1946, Ø 23 mm.
With detailed map of the country.

France 5 f

France, 5 Francs, 1989. Centennial of the Eiffel Towel. This side of the coins shows the ground plan of the tower.